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Protecting the Unique Identity of our Beach

First step to protecting our beaches is to oppose any offshore oil drilling that would threaten our local environment.  Then we have to strike the proper balance between preserving the private property rights of those who live on the beach with unfettered access to our public beaches for those who seek to enjoy one of our community’s beautiful natural resources and economic pillars. Additionally, public access to our beaches is made more convenient if we have an improved infrastructure network that helps residents and visitors easily move through the beachfront area. It will take immediate investments into our beach community to help upgrade our infrastructure, but also require us to think beyond just the present to lay the groundwork for the growth of the future. 

Supporting First Responders Mission to Keep Us Safe

There is no greater mission of any local elected official than providing for the safety of their residents and the security of their community.  A strong economy is predicated off having safe streets where people can live in peace in their neighborhoods and crime doesn’t hinder commerce.  Our frontline deputies put their lives on the line each and every day in service to our community and as such, we have to invest in their positions and the equipment they need to keep us all safe.  If we want to attract and retain the best deputies, we have to invest in our deputies.  Additionally, we must continue to see an improved county fire department that is efficient, effective, and meets the needs of our county. 

Upgrading Escambia County’s Infrastructure 

Road congestions, lack of adequate parking, and other infrastructure challenges are the symptoms of a bigger problem – lack of vision from leaders to plan for growth and build today for the growth of tomorrow.  Understanding the needs of our community for developing both short-term and long-term plans to alleviate traffic congestion by incorporating road-widening proposals and road improvements. 

Keeping Taxes Low and Being a Good Steward of Your Tax Dollars 

As a fiscal conservative, it is my firm belief that an individual knows how to spend their money better than the government.  As your County Commissioner, I will always seek to your taxes low and look for ways to make government more efficient and effective.  

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